Reasons for Seeking Child Diagnostic Assessment

Parents seek diagnostic assessments for their children for a variety of reasons. Concerns may arise regarding a child's development, academic performance, social interactions, or ability to regulate emotions and behaviors. In such cases, parents may seek testing to gather information that will assist in educational planning and support their child's needs.

I specialize in diagnostic assessments for issues such as ADHD, learning problems, styles of learning, social and psychological issues, and school advisement. My goal is to provide parents, and often the school, with the information and guidance necessary to support the child's unique needs.

  • In some instances, parents who have found testing beneficial for one child may also seek assessment a sibling. This provides comparable information and guidance, ensuring that each child receives tailored support and resources based on their unique needs.
  • Schools, particularly independent ones, may also initiate the request for evaluations. Occasionally, public school systems will either request or provide an independent evaluation, ensuring that the child's needs are properly addressed.
  • Testing can also be prompted by a student's own concerns and questions about his experiences. This presents an encouraging situation, as the individual is already open to learning about himself and may be receptive to potential recommendations.